Monday, 19 October 2015

Introduction to Quran and Surah Fatiha

In the first week we will learn about these topics

Introduction to Quran
  1. What is The Quran? Use mini book
  2. Manners of handling the Quran Mushaf
  3. The story of the revelation of the Qura’an ( cave Hirah and the first wahi, pictures of the cave hirah, formation of caves, make a cave and play in it.
Surah Fatiha

  • ·         Use of Aodubillah and Bismallah and there meanings
  • ·         Meaning of Alhamdullilah and its use of occasions
  • ·         Who is Allah? Our Rabb (mini Book from "a muslim child is born")
  • ·         Names of Allah , Rahman, Raheem  (Asma ul husna book)
  • ·         Memorising Surah Fatiha. Listening to its meaning , a short explaination
  • ·  do this learning activity 
  • ·         Benefits of reading surah fatiha. It’s a gift from Allah’ hadith about this surah
  • ·         Watch mini tafsir video of the surah for kids on

Craft          Paint Allah’s name and start memorizing names of Allah

English language

Recite ABC alphabets. Recognize  all capital alphabets through games
Write his name Hashir with foam letters and type name on computer. Print hashir on paper

Maths    Mep maths

Urdu language
Start sauti urdu book and use the website

Arabic  memorize the alphabet rhyme 

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